About Us

ITA came to be based on a saying from my father-in-law Fred Stewart. “Here, There, or in the AIR,” a phrase commonly used when he was leaving to let you know where he would see you again! We are based and operate out of MD26 Alyssa Taylor Heliport in memory of our sweet daughter. We lost Lyss on Dec 19, 2016, and in her honor, we decided to move forward with the idea of having a helipad named and charted after her. Two years later we received FAA approval, and our dream became a reality.

Owner Craig Bowen always had a passion for flying helicopters, and in 2014 he acted on that passion and became a pilot. After having the opportunity to own and fly different aircraft, he settled on the safe and reliable MD500. This well-maintained, turbine-powered aircraft will make your flight a memorable experience. His goal is to safely share his passion for flying with you.

In 2023 chief pilot Joe Stambaugh came on board bringing over 30 years of flying experience to ITA. Joe’s knowledge, flight experience, and attention to detail made him the perfect choice for moving operations forward.

If you’re in need of a helicopter or want an experience like no other, give us a call, and perhaps we can meet you “Here, There, or in the Air!”